Questions and answers for vivandlarry.com visitors

why vivandlarry.com?
Find out more about how and why this site came to be here.

Who created this site?
You can find out more about Kendra here.

Are you affiliated with the families of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier?
No.  This is an UNOFFICIAL website created by a fan for other fans.  I am in no way affiliated with the estates or families of Vivien Leigh or Laurence Olivier

Are Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier still alive?
No. Vivien Leigh passed away in 1967 at the age of 53, and Laurence Olivier died in 1989 at the age of 82.

Are their children still alive?
Yes.  Their respective children from other marriages are all still alive and living in the UK.

I noticed you’ve been in touch with some people who knew larry and/or vivien, or have written biographies about them. How can I get in touch with these people, and can you give me their contact info?
Sorry, out of respect for people’s privacy, I will never divulge anyone’s personal contact info without the consent of the person in question.

I’m writing a book or a school paper and would like to use some materials found on this site. can you help me?
Sure! Researchers are free to use any of the written content on this site as reference in their projects, but please be aware that much of it was previously referenced from biographies and magazines, and that this will have to be taken into consideration when doing citations. Please remember to give proper credit. If you are looking for photos to use in a book, please email me for help in getting the proper sources of copyright.  I am also available to help those who wish to do archival research in this area.

Where do you get the photos in the vivandlarry.com gallery?
The goal of the gallery is to amass as many photos of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier as possible in once place–a giant collective, if you will. This lofty goal definitely takes a team effort. Many photos come from my personal collection which consists of vintage magazines, glossy photos, photography books, and dvd screencaptures. Others come from amazing fans like you who have been very gracious in scanning and sharing items from their own personal collections. Still more come from ebay and other online sites. The gallery at vivandlarry.com has grown tenfold since its launch in 2007, and I am very grateful to everyone who has contributed photos and other digital files such as artwork and graphics.

I’d like to contribute some photos to the gallery. How can I do this?
Thanks for your interest in helping the gallery grow! All contributions are more than welcome. If you have rare photos of either Vivien Leigh or Laurence Olivier, please attach them as individual files or together in a zip file and send them via email to vivandlarry@gmail.com.

Why do I have to create a username and password to access the gallery?
Registering in the gallery (creating a username a password) is free and easy, and will allow you access thousands of rare vivien leigh and laurence olivier photos including candids, publicity shots, film stills, theatre photos, fashion photos, and much more.

I registered for the gallery, but it won’t let me log in! What can I do?
Each new registered user has to have their access approved by the gallery maintainer (in this case, me, your webmistress). This is simply to weed out spambots and other annoyances before they wreak havoc on the gallery. once you are approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions in this email to log in and enjoy the photos! if you register using an email account with a provider such as hotmail, the gallery confirmations usually go to the junk folder. If you’ve checked all of your email folders and still can’t find your confirmation email, that either means you were not approved (which is hardly ever the case), or there is another problem. In this case, please email me and I will help you out.

I like the graphics on this site. How did you make them?
I use Adobe Photoshop to create graphics. Please see the resources page for specific materials.

Do you make money off of this website?
Not personally. Any donations to this site from fans like you–monetary or otherwise–are used strictly to help better vivandlarry.com and to keep it online. Read more about specific ways your donations help as well as how to contribute here.

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