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A Bird of Paradise

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Vivien Leigh’s death certificate officially lists her date of death as July 8, 1967 (it wasn’t filed until July 10). However, some people (myself included) observe the date on July 7. The discrepancy comes from Vivien’s partner Jack Merivale, who told several Vivien Leigh biographers about returning home from the theatre late on the night of July 7. …

#AskTheCurator: Starring Vivien Leigh

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Last week, Twitter launched an initiative called #MuseumWeek wherein the denizens of the social media network got virtual tours behind the scenes at some of Europe’s hallowed cultural institutions. I have had the good fortune to team up with Terence Pepper and Clare Freestone to co-curate the Starring Vivien Leigh: A Centenary Celebration, currently on in room 33 at the National Portrait Gallery.