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Rare Gone with the Wind Screen Test


First, I wanted to extend a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Appreciation Blogathon over the weekend. I was so impressed with the consistent quality of the posts across the board. You all are a bunch of fabulous writers! We had posts about everything from people who knew Vivien Leigh to why people should stop calling Laurence Olivier a hammy screen actor, and everything in between. I was really glad to see posts about films which aren’t mentioned as often when discussing Vivien Leigh or Laurence Olivier, such as Sleuth, As You Like It and Sidewalks of London. Well done, everyone!

Second, now that I’m in California for a spell, I have a little bit of time to make some actual site updates. First up is some rare video footage of a wardrobe test from Gone with the Wind. It was submitted to by Chris, who says that the lady on the left is Margaret Talichett, the former wife of director William Wyler. Talichett tested for the part of Scarlett O’Hara, and then tested as one of the sisters (I’m guessing Carreen, what do you think?). The footage comes from the 1986 documentary Directed By William Wyler.


cinema archive screentests

Rebecca Screentests: Vivien Leigh Hair & Make-up

Hair and make-up tests for Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca. Vivien Leigh was tested with Margaret Sullivan and Anne Baxter. I left the commentary by film historian Leonard J. Luff in the video because I think it’s interesting.

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Rebecca Screentests: Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier

After wrapping Gone with the Wind, Vivien Leigh determinedly screen tested for the role of “I” in Alfred Hitchcok’s Rebecca. It seems her motive had more to do with working opposite Olivier than any specific interest in the role itself or the film. SHe did two screen tests, one opposite Laurence Olivier and another opposite Alan Marshal. Comparing the two yields interesting results. While in the Marshal screentest, she is a veritable Scarlett O’Hara, in this one she seems much more subdued and quietly passionate.

cinema archive screentests

Rebecca Screentests: Vivien Leigh & Alan Marshal

Laurence Olivier was not the only leading man whom Vivien Leigh tested opposite for the role of “I” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940). Here she is with actor Alan Marshal reading the part of Max DeWinter.