Do you enjoy the content on this website?  Here are some ways you can help make it better.  Any contribution, no matter how small, would really help in making the best site it can possibly be!

Make a monetary donation through paypal. To do so, simply click the donation button below to be walked through a few simple steps at the paypal website. Paypal is connected to my hotmail address.

Q. If I donate money, what will it go toward?
A. Any monetary donations made through the “donation” button method are used strictly for site maintenance and new materials. For example: web hosting (aka paying for the Lunarpages domain, which happens on a yearly basis), new photos for the gallery, contest prizes (books and other goodies for give-aways), etc. I’ve made a separate paypal account for this site.

Donate photos to the Gallery. The main goal of the Gallery is to have as many large, high quality, rare photos as possible for the world to enjoy. If you have any photos in your collection that you’d like to see in the Gallery, I’d be more than happy to put them up! Below are some guidelines and tips for submissions: • Please do not take photos off of other Vivien or Larry sites without permission. • The best way to make high quality scans is to scan your photos at 300 dpi (you can configure the settings for your scanner when your program opens up on your computer). Helpful hint:: The smaller the original photo, the more pixelated it will be as it gets bigger and bigger in your scanner. Enlarging photos via Photoshop is a bad idea if you want them to be clear–they will be blurry and not of very good quality. • Please send your photo submissions as attachments in an e-mail, or upload them to an image hosting site such as or and paste the URLs in an email to

Donate news or magazine articles. It’s amazing to me how many vintage magazines have articles on either Vivien or Larry (and many times both of them together), and I see new ones show up on ebay all of the time! If you own or have access to any of these magazines and would like to contribute articles to this site, you are more than welcome to do so! Scans or typed word or text documents work just fine.

As said, any donations are optional but very much appreciated. Thanks for reading and thank you for helping me keep going strong!

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