Laurence Olivier made British lieutenant

Vivien Leigh cooks for him in cottage

by Sheilah Graham
Washington DC Star, August 17, 1941

“Isn’t it wonderful, Larry’s just made a lieutenant,” says Vivien Leigh.

The new pilot officer in His Majesty’s Fleet Air Arm is Laurence Olivier, who returned to England with his wife, Miss Leigh, from Hollywood last January.

“Larry had already done 200 hours in the United States before he came back here,” continues the girl you know best as Scarlett O’Hara, “and he joined the Fleet Air Arm last March as a sub-lieutenant. He told me of his promotion when he came home last night.”

Home for Mr. and Mrs. Olivier is a house near the coast in Southeast England. It was chosen by Vivien because of its proximity to her husband’s work.

“But now that I’m rehearsing for a play and haven’t much time for housework, we will get a smaller house which can be run easily by our one maid,” says the actress who has been doing cooking and cleaning, and says she actually loves it.

“The Doctor’s Dilemma” by Shaw is the play picked by Vivien for her return to English Theatre. She plays the part recently performed in new York by Katherine Cornell. The play, with Miss Leigh and the rest of the cast, has 12 weeks of touring the provinces before opening in London.

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