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Leigh/Olivier Q&A (#6)

Posted in - cinema archive & vlogs on June 22nd 2010 8 Comments

Mark Mayes and I are back with more answers to your questions about Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier. In this segment, we discuss everything from what we’d bring to Notley if we were ever invited to one of the Oliviers’ dinner parties, to the famous names behind David Niven’s “Missie.”

Sadly, my laptop …

Laurence Olivier on “Cinema” with Michael Parkinson

Posted in - cinema archive & tv appearances on June 18th 2010 14 Comments

Michael Parkinson, one of Britain’s most famous TV broadcasters and journalists, had a chat series called Parkinson that started in 1971. Prior to this, he hosted Cinema on Granada television, in which he interviewed actors about their film careers. His first star interview was with Laurence Olivier in 1969. The interview was conducted in Olivier’s …

Leigh/Olivier Q&A (#5)

Posted in - cinema archive & vlogs on May 30th 2010 7 Comments

Here is the next installment of the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Q&A sessions.  The quality of the questions keeps going up, so keep sending them in!  As always, I hope it’s informative and that you learned something!

To have your questions answered in the next video, please ask them at the formspring!

Leigh/Olivier Q&A (#4)

Posted in - cinema archive & vlogs on May 23rd 2010 7 Comments

Mark and I are back to answer your questions about Larry Olivier and Vivien Leigh.  These are getting to be so much fun, and I’m loving the intelligence and depth to your questions! You may have to turn up the volume on your computer for this one–I’ve noticed my laptop mic doesn’t pick up …

Leigh/Olivier Q&A (#3)

Posted in - cinema archive & vlogs on May 18th 2010 9 Comments

Here’s the next vlog installment; you guys always ask amazing questions! Hopefully the answers in these videos are informative! As always, if there was something I answered incorrectly, or wasn’t sure about, and you know the answer, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

If you would like your questions about Vivien Leigh and/or …