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Leigh/Olivier Q&A (#5)

Here is the next installment of the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Q&A sessions.  The quality of the questions keeps going up, so keep sending them in!  As always, I hope it’s informative and that you learned something!

To have your questions answered in the next video, please ask them at the formspring!

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Comments (7)

  1. I think I would have asked her about her childhood in India. Her memories from there. About the relationship with her mother. And her father. Why had she married with Leigh Holman ? How did she managed her conquest of Laurence Olivier ? And did she really got the part of Scarlett like the story says, or was it all settled previously and part of publicity trick ? Well, that for the first few questions, of course, that a nobody can ask to a super star, a few seconds just before being kicked out of the room…
    I really love your idea of the Q&A. It’s great fun.
    And about the question in the previous post, about the actors Viv and Larry liked, since I’m reading the bio of Gladys Cooper, I know they were both great admirers of her…

  2. hurrah! i love these q&a’s. i would probably 1) also freeze then 2) ask something stupid like ‘HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT’ or stupidly go where I’ve gone before and ask about certain other performers and what she thought of them personally. i’m hedda hopper, essentially.

  3. Millie–I’m glad!

    Tanguy–Keep on with the Q’s! I think Mark and I will do one this weekend. I’ll have to check out the Gladys Cooper book!

    Meredith–Oh God, I know what you mean. It’s like the time I met Lauren bacall and fully intended to say something about her and Bogie, or at least HER, you know? But what came out of my mouth? “You knew Viv and Larry!” I’m so lame.

  4. Catalina- reminds me of Arrested Development! 🙂

    How did I not know you met Lauren Bacall? Actually I think I do know that… but very cool anyway.

  5. I have an Olivier scrapbook. 3 volumes. May have clipping photos noone else has, who knows? Must get a scanner. What color were Olivier’s eyes? Peter O’Toole once said they were very dark blue. Was he drunk? They look grey to me.

  6. I’ll add that I got Olivier’s autograph after seeing him as Henry II in “Becket” in Boston. I’d also seen him in the other role, as Becket, in NYC and was so excited I thought I’d be sick and opened the back door of the hall to go to the restroom right in the middle of Becket’s soliloquy.
    In Boston, I’d seen the matinee, & waited around until he came back for the evening performance.
    He was shorter than I’d thought — it was a dark back alley behind the Colonial Theater, so couldn’t
    really see him, but did get his autograph and was totally tongue-tied. Such a wasted opportunity!

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