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Mission: Accomplished!

Posted in - academia & vivien leigh on September 17th 2011 17 Comments

As you may or may not know, I spent the entire summer researching, writing, editing and re-writing my MA dissertation. Four months, 54 sources and nearly 16,000 words later, I’m finally finished. It’s been printed, bound and submitted! Although I feel a bit nervous as to my prospective mark, I’m actually really …

British Cinema History: Hamlet

Posted in - academia & classic film & essays on February 20th 2011 4 Comments

This is the second paper I did on a Laurence Olivier film last semester for my course. I was interested in looking at Larry and his important role in the British film industry during the 1940s. His Shakespeare films exemplified what critics back then termed “quality” cinema. This paper is an exploration of the muddled definition …

Cinema History: That Hamilton Woman

Posted in - academia & classic film & essays on February 16th 2011 11 Comments

Britain needed a world war to coax its film industry into standing as a light on its own amongst the pantheon of national cinemas. When Britain entered the fight against Germany in late 1939, a new set of values emerged in British films that had been previously lacking. Principles such as realism, restraint, patriotism, and a sense of community, among others, were seen as constituting national identity.

Art in Film: Hamlet (1948)

Posted in - academia & classic film & laurence olivier on January 5th 2011 2 Comments

I’m just about finished with my essay for my British cinema class.  I’m writing about Laurence Olivier’s version of Hamlet and how it conforms to the concept of “quality cinema” laid out by British critics of the 1940s:

Prior to WWII, British cinema was not regarded in a very serious light. Though the …