7 Awesome Things About Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier

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If you have been a fan of Vivien Leigh and/or Laurence Olivier for some time, you probably have a list of reasons why they appeal you. But if you’re a new fan, have just discovered this website, or are simply searching for answers as to why anyone would still be fascinated by two people who …

Book Recommendations

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People frequently leave comments on the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Facebook page asking what the best Vivien Leigh biographies are.  Which books books should they read to learn more about the actress?  What do I think of a certain book?

The Oliviers’ fame spanned different mediums: film, theatre, …

Year-end Wrap-up, 2010!

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2010 was a pretty wild year with lots of life changes. I spent the first half in southern California and the second half up north and then in London! It was last January that I found out it’d been accepted to grad school, and now here I am about to start my second semester. It’s …