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Now Playing: Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier in September

This month on TCM… Vivien Leigh is being featured as Star of the Month (watch the amazing promo they put together to celebrate her talent and beauty here) and they are also featuring films that deal with the theme of revenge.  That being said, there is going to be a plethora of amazing films on TCM in September and I encourage you to tune in!  The full schedule is below:

The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone (1962) | September 4, 3:30 am & September 28, 8:00pm

Dark Journey (1937) | September 7, 9:00pm

Sidewalks of London (1938) | September 7, 12:00 am

Storm in a Teacup (1937) | September 7, 10:30 pm

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) | September 14, 2:15 am & September 25 8:00pm

Gone with the Wind (1939) | September 14, 8:00pm

Hamlet (1948) | September 16, 9:45pm

A Yank at Oxford (1938) | September 21 2:00 pm

Waterloo Bridge (1940) | September 21, 12:00 am

Fire Over England (1937) | September 21, 8:00 pm

That Hamilton Woman (1941) | September 21, 9:45 pm

Friends and Lovers (1931) | September 22, 1:00 pm

Ship of Fools (1966) | September 25, 2:15 am

Anna  Karenina (1948) | September 28, 10:00 pm

Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) | September 28, 12:00 am

Wuthering Heights (1939) | September 30, 8:00pm

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  1. Beautiful! I’m so excited to see these. Most of them have been on my to-watch list for a long time, and others (Waterloo Bridge/Fire Over England/That Hamilton Woman especially) are definitely due for a rewatch. 🙂

  2. Vivien managed to secure me a 1st class mark for my University Dissertation (by simply being a scintillating subject), and I now live down the road from Tickerage. It is certainly about time that these films are given a fresh viewing.

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