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Here Comes Vivien!

Posted in - articles & vivien leigh on July 15th 2011 1 Comments

For a year and a half we have been looking forward to Vivien Leigh’s first screen appearance under her contract with London films. Now at last we are to see her, as here described

by Max Breen
Picturegoer, January 30, 1937

In a fairly long experience of the film world I can scarcely remember any major player …

The Twenty Questions Everyone is Asking About Vivien Leigh

Posted in - articles & vivien leigh on July 1st 2011 8 Comments

Vivien Leigh frequented the pages of the UK’s most popular film fan magazine, Picturegoer, throughout her career. This particular interview is really interesting because it shows Vivien being rather short with the press. Margaret Hinxman, one of Picturegoer’s top journalists, mentions an article she wrote in a previous issue where she wonders why Vivien chose …