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Friends of the Oliviers: Deborah Kerr

Posted in - friends of the oliviers & the oliviers on January 11th 2011 4 Comments

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier counted many famous people among their circle of friends: artists, politicians, actors, etc.  One of those people was British actress Deborah Kerr, whom you may know from such films as Black Narcissus, The Innocents, From Here to Eternity, and The King and I, among many others.  I’d always wanted …

Spotlight: Michael Redgrave

Posted in - classic film & essays & friends of the oliviers on October 10th 2010 11 Comments michael redgrave

I’m mainly writing this post because I’m doing a presentation on Michael Redgrave in the Traditions of British Cinema course tomorrow, and I find that writing things helps me retain information better.  The topic we are focusing on in class this week is the Victorian Theatre and Adaptation, and the screening is The Importance of …