Book Recommendations

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People frequently leave comments on the Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier Facebook page asking what the best Vivien Leigh biographies are.  Which books books should they read to learn more about the actress?  What do I think of a certain book?

The Oliviers’ fame spanned different mediums: film, theatre, …

Book Corner: Jean Howard’s Hollywood

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Jean Howard’s Hollywood is one of my favorite Old Hollywood photography books of all time. Howard was a starlet-turned-photographer who became In Like Flynn and made friends with Hollywood’s elite over three decades. Her work has been featured in publications such as Vanity Fair, and the stories behind the photos are really interesting.

Book Corner: Vivien Leigh by John Russell Taylor

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I’ve been a collector of photography books for a long time, and over the years had accumulated quite a large stack of them (mainly classic Hollywood and fashion photography books).  When I moved back home in July, I packed of all of the books I hadn’t given away or sold and brought them with me.  …