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Rebecca Screentests: Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier

After wrapping Gone with the Wind, Vivien Leigh determinedly screen tested for the role of “I” in Alfred Hitchcok’s Rebecca. It seems her motive had more to do with working opposite Olivier than any specific interest in the role itself or the film. SHe did two screen tests, one opposite Laurence Olivier and another opposite Alan Marshal. Comparing the two yields interesting results. While in the Marshal screentest, she is a veritable Scarlett O’Hara, in this one she seems much more subdued and quietly passionate.


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  1. It’s really interesting actually. I was pretty sold on the Larry and Viv screentest simply because she was more subdued and more passionate. It felt like an actual conversation/argument between them, whereas the marshall one felt like a screentest with almost exaggerated line readings. Hmm.That was my impression.

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