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Adventures in Hollywood: Madame Tussaud’s

In 2009, the famed Madame Tussaud’s wax museum finally opened a branch in the film capital of the world.  It sure took them long enough!  I’ve been to three other Madame Tussaud’s museums (in London, Amsterdam, and Las Vegas), and they’re pretty fun.  The ticket prices are a bit high, but they let you stay there as long as you want, take photos, and even hang all over the wax figures.  It’s a wonder they don’t let you take a piece home for yourself, haha!

I’d wanted to go to the Hollywood branch since it opened mainly because they have figures of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh from Gone with the Wind, but I kept putting it off because I figured there were better things to do with my $25.  Yesterday I went up to meet with my friend Mark Mayes, and our main goal was to go see the Noel Coward exhibit at AMPAS.  With plenty of time to kill afterword, we drove around downtown, and then decided to go up to Hollywood Blvd and give Madame Tussaud’s a try.  If you’ve seen Mark elsewhere (such as on the blog), you know he’s a huge old movie fan, and I knew that if I was going to go geek out in a wax museum, he’d be the perfect person to do it with.  Nerds unite!

I have to say that the Hollywood museum has the most life-like figures out of any of the other Madame Tussaud’s that I’ve been to.  Some of the people completely missed the mark, but the Vivien Leigh figure was the best, hands down.  It looks so much like her–at certain angles!  I can’t say the same for the Clark Gable one, though.

Movies and mayhem, here’s a sample of what ensued on our adventure:

Scarlett O'Hara invites you in...

Clark Gable...I don't even know
I suppose I should stop referring to Vivien Leigh as a "pixie person" as clearly I'm not much taller than she was
Vivien as Scarlett
"Tomorrow is another day"
Vivien: the HBIC of madame Tussaud's
Gloria Swanson and I are ready for our close-ups
Mark and Viv
That's supposed to be Ingrid Bergman
I'm obviously the Katharine Ross of this situation
I'm trying to seduce you, Benjamin
Beam me up

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  1. haha I love The Graduate pic. And Clark Gable just looks scary… The idea of wax museums really creep me out, but I guess it’d be fun to check out Madame Tussaud’s some time.

  2. the hair on that ingrid bergman figure looks like it should be on that chick from the oc not someone from the 1940s.

    tiger!kendra. wildlife fear you and hbic vivien leigh.

    1. Fear me and the HBIC! FIERCE! haha

      PS, did you mention at some point getting to see the UK restored version of The Red Shoes when you were in London? My friend mark got a copy and showed me a clip from it. I was floored. Moira Shearer’s hair was on FIRRRE

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