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New Layout and Top 25

The blog has gotten (another) facelift!  I liked this layout because it’s a bit different and has a sort of magazine feel to it…as it should since it’s called magazine.  Feel free to take  a look around; most of the info and everything is the same but there are a couple of new additions.


Yesterday, I decided to make a new list of my top 25 favorite Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh photos.  This may seem redundant as I’ve done favorite lists before, and frankly, there really isn’t a picture of them that I don’t love, but every time I sit down and think about it, my favorites change–especially since new photos of them keep popping up.  It’s always hard to choose a favorite photo, but my favorites usually jump out at me because I find them beautiful, or silly, or a combination of both.  I also love photos in which they look happy together.  So, I hope you enjoy this little photo tribute, and I’d love to know which ones are your favorites!

25 Favorite Larry and Vivien Photos

#25 | Location: Rome | Date: 1953

#24 | Location: Capri, Italy | Date: 1937

#23 | Location: New York | Date: 1952

#22 | Location: England | Date: 1950

#21 | Location: London | Date: 1951

#20 | Location: London | Date: 1958

#19 | Location: Paris | Date: 1957

#18 | Location: London | Date: 1950

#17 | Location: Manchester | Date: 1951
#16 | Location: Hollywood | Date: 1940

#15 | Location: London | Date: 1941
#14 | Location: Spain (?) | Date: circa 1955

#13 | Location: Hollywood | Date: 1939

#12 | Location: Manchester | Date: 1949

#11 | Location: London | Date: 1941

#10 | Location: Hollywood | Date: 1940
#9 | Location: London | Date: 1941

#8 | Location: London | Date: 1949

#7 | Location: London | Date: 1941

#6 | Location: London | Date: 1946

#5 | Location: Australia | Date: 1948

#4 | Location: London | Date: 1947

#3 | Location: London en route to Denmark | Date: 1937

#2 | Location: Hollywood | Date: Circa 1940

#1 | Location: Hollywood | Date: 1940

Honorable Mention | Location: LA | Date: 1940

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Comments (12)

  1. I think my favorite is from the 1940 Oscars where he is making a silly face. Vivien’s face just says: I do love him, but what in the world is he doing right now? haha

  2. Oh wow! This is difficult. I think #’s1, 20, 24, and 15 are my favorites. I love all of Vivien’s fur coats and that she has on heels with a swimsuit in #15!

  3. I always love pics of them when they were older. I think I like seeing proof of their lasting love & affection.

    But #20 is so GREAT. It feels very private; like we’re spying on them by looking at the photo.

    I really like the new layout. :]

  4. #20 really is just a heartbreaking photograph, i almost feel wrong looking at it. such a beautiful couple they were. i think #25 will always be my favorite.

  5. They look impossibly, effortlessly chic as only they could carry off in #1. My favourite is probably #15, just plain adorable. Thanks for posting!

  6. thanks for the comments, everyone! i’m so glad you enjoyed the photos, and i love hearing what everyone else considers their favorite–it’s really hard to choose because they were so beautiful!

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