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Exploring London: Highgate Cemetery

Posted in - london & photography & travel on April 29th 2012 8 Comments

fter finishing grad school last September, I was constantly stressed out about being in the dreaded Transition Phase. I’m sure anyone who reads this can relate to that state of mind–you’ve finished school; you have a good degree; so what are you going to do with your life? Wait, didn’t you already …

Spring cleaning

Posted in - london & photography & site updates on March 29th 2012 12 Comments

I’m very excited to unveil a new look for! The header, based on a photo by James Abbe Jr, was designed by the amazingly talented Miss Laura Loveday, a designer and illustrator living in Cornwall, using a combination of hand-drawn and photoshop. I’ve known Laura for many years through …

This is London calling

Posted in - london & photography on November 25th 2011 10 Comments

London is such a photogenic city that I have a had time keeping my camera turned off. On Monday, my friend Ali and I did a circular walk from Trafalgar Square to Lambeth Bridge, across to the South Bank and over to St Paul’s Cathedral (where I got to test my new …