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Cinema Experiences: Term of Trial

Posted in - cinema experiences & laurence olivier & reviews on March 30th 2011 11 Comments

In the 1960s, Laurence Olivier successfully bridged the gap from studio films to the British New Wave with his performance as Archie Rice in the 1960 Tony Richardson film The Entertainer. Two years later he continued his string of “ordinary” characters by playing Graham Weir in Peter Glenville’s

Secret Cinema (Shhh!)

Posted in - cinema experiences & classic film on February 23rd 2011 10 Comments

WARNING: This post reveals the super-secret secret of Secret Cinema. Read at your own risk.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Secret Cinema, an interactive, cult film event put on by Future Cineama. The aim of the game is to completely immerse the audience in the atmosphere of the film they will be …

Cinema Experiences: Twentieth Century (1934)

Posted in - cinema experiences on January 15th 2011 2 Comments

Saturday nights are always good nights to go to the cinema!  After the success that was Bringing Up Baby last weekend, I went back to the BFI tonight with a couple of friends to see another Howard Hawks film, Twentieth Century (Paramount), starring my second favorite actress of all time, Carole Lombard.  It has …

Cinema Experiences: Bringing Up Baby

Posted in - cinema experiences on January 12th 2011 4 Comments

Tonight was the first time I’d gone to the cinema in months.  I just haven’t had time with the holidays and essay writing, but since I handed in my last essay of the first semester today, it was definitely time to remedy my cinema-going situation.  One of my classmates was celebrating his birthday, so …