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The Mysterious Mrs. Danvers: Queer Subtext in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca

Posted in - classic film & film diary & general discussion on June 28th 2011 25 Comments

This post is part of the Queer Film Blogathon currently being hosted by Caroline at Garbo Laughs to celebrate gay pride month. The aim of the blogathon is to examine films that feature “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or otherwise non-heterosexual, non-gender-binary depictions or personages in film.” For an overview …

Film Diary: Hiroshima Mon Amour

Posted in - classic film & film diary & general discussion on March 18th 2011 5 Comments

“Listen to me. I know something else. It will begin all over again. Two hundred thousand dead. Eighty thousand wounded. In nine seconds. These figures are official. It will begin all over again. It will be ten thousand degrees on the earth. Ten thousand suns, they will say. The asphalt will burn. …

Film Diary: Madonna of the Seven Moons

Posted in - film diary on March 11th 2011 14 Comments

This week in Brit. Cinema, we discussed escapism as an alternative to the “documentary-realist” films made during WWII. Most studios were making film upon film about the war to remind people of what war was really like, despite audiences experiencing such events with a much more heightened sense of reality than the …

Film Diary: La Ronde (1950)

Posted in - film diary on January 23rd 2011 0 Comments

“I adore the past…It’s so much more restful than the present…So much more reliable than the future.”

I finally caved and signed up for LoveFilm, the UK equivalent of Netflix. I loved Netflix for their watch instantly selection, especially because they had most of the Criterion collection up streaming. LoveFilm …

Film Diary: The King’s Speech (2010)

Posted in - film diary on January 13th 2011 3 Comments

This semester I’m taking a class called “Their finest hour and a half: British cinema in WWII” at University College London, and for our first screening today we saw a 1943 Ealing Studios film starring Ann Todd and Leslie Banks called Ships with Wings.  It dealt with the Fleet Air Arm fighting the Nazis …