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Vivien Leigh’s favorite Siamese

The Siamese Cat–A Popular Pet: “New” and its Celebrated Owner

Illustrated London News
March 13, 1948


Having "an outline of great beauty and eyes of brilliant blue," "New," a fine Siamese cat, poses for the camera and displays its "lucky charm" collar

Mr B.A. Sterling-Webb, Hon. Treasurer of the Siamese Cat Club, in “The World of Science” article writes of the Siamese cat that it “is easily the most distinctive and popular of all breeds, combining, as it does, a unique appearance with an intelligence of a very high order,” and describes its many charming characteristics. Here we reproduce photographs of a typical animal of the species with its owner, the celebrates actress and film-star, Miss Vivien Leigh (Lady Olivier). The cat was given to Miss Leigh three years ago. It became a popular figure at the Shepperton Studios during the 5 1/2 months it took to shoot the London Films production, Anna Karenina.

At full stretch: Miss Vivien Leigh displays the long and graceful body of her pet Siamese cat, which, dog-like, follows her everywhere


Possessing "remarkable intelligence and practically human affection: 'New" relaxing on its owner's shoulder during an interval in filming
Joining "Anna Karenina" for lunch in her dressing room at Shepperton Studios

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