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Being Nancy Drew: 5 things I’ve learned from researching the Oliviers

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My favorite part of writing is not so much the creation of a narrative as the research that is necessary to piece that narrative together. I love rummaging through the stacks (the basement) in libraries for books that have been collecting dust for God knows how long; physically touching paper that was handled by …

Celebrating love

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“My dearest Heart,

Goodness knows when all my various letters will reach you or in what order…I will tell you again that your letters are unspeakably precious…Okay darling darling love. I will never get used to these separations. I miss you every minute of …

The Oliviers live their own love story

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by Richard Gehman
Coronet, January 1953

Submitted to by Chris

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Destination: Stratford Upon Avon

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For someone who’s been dead for nearly 400 years, William Shakespeare sure knows how to make a living. His birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, is a virtual tourist trap for travelers who come from far and wide wanting to indulge in all things Shakespeare-related. One can learn of the town’s Tudor history at Falstaffs Experience, …