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Laurence Olivier: Young Man with a Future

31 days of Vivien Leigh and Laurence OlivierI have a bunch of magazine and newspaper articles left over from my dissertation research, so I’ve decided to do “31 Days of the Oliviers.” Each day I will post a new article or blog post, ending with Vivien Leigh’s birthday on November 5. These articles (most of which have Vivien as the main subject) span the years 1937-1967 and come from both American and British sources. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

{Day 6} Laurence Olivier’s return to Hollywood after a six year absence was greeted with enthusiasm by the American press. In their eyes, he was already an established, top actor, and was written about with respect. In this article from Stage magazine, author Katharine Best waxes poetic about Larry’s long road to fame, Wuthering Heights and No Time for Comedy.

Laurence Olivier: Young Man with a Future

by Katharine Best
Stage, March 15, 1939
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  1. The photo above is one of Olivier’s most beautiful. I waited for years for the Selznick “Wuthering Heights” to be re-released, and finally saw it in SF in ’64 [I think it was] Didn’t thing Heathcliff was demonic enough but garnered many new beautiful moments of Olivier’s heavy-lidded grey eyes. Thanks for posting this one again.

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