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Gertrude Hartley: Making a career of glamour

Posted in - articles on January 3rd 2014 8 Comments Gertrude Hartley Vivien Leigh's mother

While helping a good friend sort through some of the vintage magazines in his collection recently, I spotted this unique article in a 1958 issue of the The Tatler & Bystander, a weekly magazine catering mostly to upper-middle class and wealthy British women. It profiles Gertrude Hartley’s Academy of Beauty Culture in Knightsbridge, an institution mentioned several times in Hugo Vickers’ Vivien Leigh biography.

The Oliviers live their own love story

Posted in - articles & the oliviers on December 15th 2011 9 Comments

by Richard Gehman
Coronet, January 1953

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The Twenty Questions Everyone is Asking About Vivien Leigh

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Vivien Leigh frequented the pages of the UK’s most popular film fan magazine, Picturegoer, throughout her career. This particular interview is really interesting because it shows Vivien being rather short with the press. Margaret Hinxman, one of Picturegoer’s top journalists, mentions an article she wrote in a previous issue where she wonders why Vivien chose …