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Tickerage Mill Revisited

Posted in - photography & travel & vivien leigh on June 29th 2011 9 Comments

“My wife and I happened to be in England during the month before Vivien died and we visited her at her country house, Tickerage Mill, near the village of Black Boys, Sussex. This is one of the most beautiful small estates in the country and is approached down a winding lane, the last turn …

Vivien Leigh’s Tickerage Mill

Posted in - photo essay & photography & travel & vivien leigh on April 19th 2011 57 Comments

I woke up this morning with every intention of going to the library and studying. Instead, Sammi Steward and I took an impromptu trip to Sussex to snap some photos of Vivien Leigh’s final resting place. The weather was perfect: 65 degrees and sunny. What better thing to do on a sunny spring afternoon than go to the countryside?